Here's the yin and yang of going to a spa. Everything looks so amazing (and it is) which is the fun part, and then you see the pricing which is usually not so fun. So just remember to keep balance as you decide what may best fit you.

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Swedish Massage

A slow and gentle massage promoting relaxation, easing muscle tension, decreasing the stress of everyday life, and providing balance of the mind and body.

30 Min $40 -- 60 Min $70 -- 90 Min $100 

Hot bamboo massage

Warm bamboo massage uses solid bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to massage the body.The sticks are gently warmed and applied give deep and long massage strokes to break down tension and stretch tight muscles. Hands are used to work over the muscles and bamboo to focus on knots. 

60 Min $90 -- 90 Min $130

Bamboo Massage

deep tissue massage minot

Deep THERAPEUTic Massage

Taking the Swedish massage to the next level. It specifically rages knots and releases tension filled areas. Deep therapeutic massage addresses the lower layer  of muscle tissue, tendons and facia (the protective web-like layer of tissue surrounding muscles, tendons, and joints).

30 Min $45 -- 60 Min $80 -- 90 Min $120

Hot Stone Massage

The perfect combination of heat and massage. Implementing the smooth heated stones into the massage provides deep relaxation and melts your tension away. The heat will penetrate deep into you muscles allowing them to melt through any tension and adhesions. Your circulation and metabolism will also increase.

60 Min $90 -- 90 Min $130

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minot nd prenatal massage

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy offer undeniable physical benefits. A special treat for the mo-to-be with this specially tailored massage just for you that will revive your body and rejuvenate your spirits. It is well known the the hormone changes occurring can cause irritability, depression, and anxiety. A massage can be performed using a side lying technique or laying on your stomach with special pillows. So.. take a load off mom!

60 Min $70 -- 90 Min $100

You're treatment goal can be as simple as a one time relaxing spa treatment or a series(2x per week, 6-8 weeks) to tone and tighten your face.

Each session is 60 minutes of bliss. Save 15% when 6 or more purchased.
— Tammy LaFournaise, LMT

Cleanse, exfoliate, face massage, honey mask, & MOISTURIZE

Single session - $90

6 Sessions - $460

8 Sessions - $615

12 Sessions - $920

Scalp Or mini face massage - $15

A shorter invigorating scalp or facial.

Hands or Feet Treatment - HANDS OR FEET $15 / HANDS & FEET $25

Exfoliate, mud wrap, and moisturize. 

back scrub - $15

Exfoliation of the back using a salt or sugar scrub. Purify, repair and balance the skin on your back, a part of the body often neglected, with this rejuvenating and stimulating treatment.

INFRARED Sauna - 15min $15 / 30min $30

Infrared saunas use a much milder temperature environment of between 120 to 150 F. The heat of infrared saunas travel much deeper into the body, resulting in more of a vigorous sweat at a lower temperature. - shower included.

Salt/Sugar scrub (body polish) - $95

Exfoliate & moisturize. Includes mini massage. (50 min)

Mud Wrap

Exfoliate, 25 min body mud wrap, moisturize. Includes mini massage and face/scalp massage.

Choose from detox, nourishing, or weight loss. (2hr.)

Bellanina Facelift Massage - $90

Cleanse, exfoliate, face massage, honey mask, moisturized. (1hr.)

Spa package 1 -- $150

Swedish massage with a Bellanina facelift massage after. (2hr.)

SPA PACKAGE 2 -- $155

Body exfoliate with a Swedish Massage (1.5hr.)

Spa Package 3 -- $175

Body exfoliate with a Bellanina facelift massage after. (1.5hr.)

SPA PACKAGE 4 -- $200

Body exfoliate, mud wrap, hydrate, with a Swedish massage. (2.5-3hr.)

SPA PACKAGE 5 -- $210

Body exfoliate, mud wrap, hydrate, Swedish massage, with a mini face/scalp massage (3hr.)

spa package 6 -- $220

Body exfoliate, mud wrap, hydrate & facelift massage. (2.5-3hr.)

Spa package 7 -- $285

Body exfoliate, wrap, hydrate, Swedish massage, & Bellanina facelift massage. (3.5-4hr.)